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Garden blueberries: variety selection, planting and care

Garden blueberries are becoming increasingly popular in our country. Growing this berry in the conditions of home gardening is a very exciting and very promising occupation. To get a high yield, it is necessary not only to properly plant the crop and take care of it, but also to make the right choice of variety.
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Coconut tree: a tree of thousands of uses

Coconut palm - in Sanskrit means "a tree that gives everything you need in life." In fact, the usefulness of a coconut tree is comprehensive. The leaves of this palm tree, very hard and durable (resistant to tearing under the influence of winds), serve to cover the roofs of local houses, to manufacture various household items - baskets, hammocks, brushes.
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Psilocybe semi-lanceolate (papillary): what kind of mushroom

Psilocybe semi-trapezoidal is a group of hallucinogenic mushrooms. It is popularly known as the fungus mushroom. He is considered a symbol of inner freedom, but they forget that any exposure to psilocin causes a change in internal organs. Passion for fun can end in loss of mind and turning into a plant without feelings and emotions.
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Questions and answers

How to plant tomatoes properly

When should a tomato be planted? I read in one article that it is only necessary to begin stepsoning after the appearance of the first flowers. It is right? If there are no flowers yet, and stepsons are already there, then do not touch them? Do all stepchildren need to be removed? I already know about that stepson, which can not be removed and will be “in two stems”, it’s clear with him.
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House and garden

Why raspberry leaves turn yellow and dry in summer, what to do

Anastasia Gennadievna asks us: "What are the reasons for the yellowing of raspberry leaves in spring and summer?" In some cases, remontant raspberry leaves may turn yellow. Moreover, such a manifestation can be observed even in the middle of summer. Why is this happening and what to do? First of all, premature yellowing indicates that the site has adverse soil or climatic conditions.
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