Botanical Garden in Tver: a fabulous miracle in the style of Russian romanticism

The Botanical Garden is one of the most interesting and frequently visited recreation places for residents of the city of Tver. Coexists perfectly in the garden of antiquity and modernity. After all, the oldest garden is more than 135 years old. Here you can usefully spend time with the whole family, a playground is arranged for young visitors, and adults will not be bored in such diverse composition corners of the garden.

History of creation

The Botanical Garden in the city of Tver is located on the right bank of the Tvertsa River, where the monastery territory was originally. In 1879, a local merchant, Ilya Bobrov, set up a garden here. Since then, many more trees, a pond and an arch bridge have been preserved. It is no coincidence that the logo of the garden is a larch cone. This is a symbol of respect for the oldest tree growing in the garden to this day, and a confirmation of the continuity of traditions in it.

Two decades later, Bobrov’s business was continued by the new owner of the site, Leonid Kolakovsky, a teacher of natural sciences. Creating his collection in the garden for more than three decades, he planted trees on a geographical basis, giving the appearance of a botanical garden.

At different times, this garden was either a children's park, or a training center for botanical students, or simply a public garden. Only about twenty years ago it was officially open to visitors and sightseeing services.

Now it is the northernmost botanical garden, where an extensive - more than three hundred species - exposition of plants of the steppe zone is represented on an area of ​​about 3 hectares. Botanical Garden - the keeper of the landscape of the ancient city of Tver. Here he is presented in its pristine beauty.

Features of landscaping the garden

The bed of the Bukhan stream divides the garden into elevated and low parts. On a flat site, located behind the pond, is an impromptu “stalls” with a bypass ditch and an earthen rampart. The pond and the flat part of this stall form a kind of amphitheater bowl with unique acoustics.

The park, located on the shores of the pond, was originally formed in a romantic Tver manor style. Since that time, the arched bridge of white stone mined nearby has been preserved.

A project is now being implemented to recreate the partially lost style of Russian romanticism of the end of the century before last in this botanical garden. For this:

  • a ruin wall of wild stone is being built on the shore of the pond;
  • the rotunda arbor is restored there;
  • in the ground part there is a breakdown of different-style mini-kindergartens: rockeries, the Mediterranean courtyard, the Grain Garden, the French garden, the garden of mosses and ferns and others, where various rare plants will be used;
  • near the arched bridge a unique composition “Mineratrophic swamp” is created;
  • the exhibition “Staritsky Gates” depicts sections of the Volga Valley with protruding here and there ancient rocks, etc.


Walks in the Tver Botanical Garden

Exposure Features

The Botanical Garden of the city of Tver is divided into several departments, where plants are presented:

  • south and center of Europe, which is inhabited by oak forests, mixed small-leaved and broad-leaved forests;
  • Asian Southeast and Far East;
  • Altai, Siberian regions;
  • North American continent;
  • newly developed territories around the world.

There are both tropical and subtropical plants, and a large collection of immigrants from European steppes. There are also man-made territories of various styles (garden host, herbalist and others). In addition, expositions are presented that are formed according to the natural principle with interspersed elements of mosaic and layering.
Not deprived of attention and dendrology and decorative floriculture. There is even a herbarium sector.

Modern traditions

The Botanical Garden is a favorite vacation spot for citizens. Various holidays and master classes are constantly held here. For example, a tea party with aromatic herbs and various fruits.

Systematically held here are children's parties dedicated to the seasons, various plants, exhibitions of exotics, for example, predator plants, interesting excursions (group or individual).

This place was also loved by the newlyweds who hold wedding photo sessions here. The tradition was to plant a tree on the wedding day, which the young people do not forget to visit and subsequently show to their children.

Additional features

In the garden of the city of Tver, trees, shrubs, flowers and other plants are also purchased for planting at affordable prices. The big advantage of these materials for planting in the garden is that they do not need acclimatization, because hails from the same climatic zone. With a high degree of guarantee, they take root on our sites.

Mode of operation

The Botanical Garden is open daily from 9.00 to 17.00. Paid entrance.

Tver Botanical Garden in bloom

The Botanical Garden in Tver is a favorite place of rest for all citizens, where the nature of the ancient city of 13-19 centuries has been preserved. Natural landscapes and landscape are side by side with tropical exotics. Beauty, spaciousness, peace, interesting impressions, entertaining traditions - this is not a complete list of all the charms of this truly fabulous corner of Russian nature.