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How to plant a basel

How to plant a basel?


Julia has a video about basil! I liked the method very much: spread a wet marbleka or bandage on a bag or container lid (I did it so that I could cover it with the container myself, so as not to dry out), when the seeds were bent, put the marbella with them on the ground, straighten and crush it with earth, not very thick layer. And cover from above, Julia planted in a box and covered with a package, until germination)

Usually sow immediately into the ground. It grows a lot. And enough for greens and drying. But this year is something cool spring. Sowed in a greenhouse around the edge. Rises. Then maybe. I’ll sit down part of the street.

And last year, on the advice of Julia, I planted gauze in a greenhouse, the basil was wonderful. Great method, I advise everyone. Planted in June.

And I liked to sow basil in the snail, like Julia. Everything worked out. Then she pecked into the diaper. Now they are growing in panic, with cucumbers.

I sow directly into the garden bed, make grooves, compact, water, pour seeds, and fill them with sifted earth, 0. 5 cm, put the film on top, after sprouts, clean. Soak up the anticipation. In HB-101.

Directly into the ground under a 5 liter bottle (plastic), followed by picking.

Today I sowed in a snail, I liked it! Last year, right into the ground, it didn’t work (I ascended, but a little 🙁

My 3 times rose, grew and fell. Remained 1. Sadila in many ways.

Thanks for the advice and make one

Last year, only one bush was able to grow. Along with the weed propolol, only by smell I realized that it was my basil 🙁

I’m falling at home, pecking, anyway, a black leg of chtoli, I will plant seeds in the garden and cover the banks, I can’t grow them at home yet.