How to make a tractor with your own hands

How to make a tractor with your own hands

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Buying a new mini-tractor is an expensive business and not everyone can afford it. However, it is difficult for the owner to care for a home farm without equipment. Craftsmen get out of the situation quite simply. They make homemade tractors from old parts or remodel walk-behind tractors. In general terms, this all happens, we will now try to consider.

Features of assembling a homemade tractor

It is impossible to provide exact instructions for assembling homemade products, since the entire technical part of this process depends on the spare parts available. To understand how to make a tractor with our own hands, we will consider the main components of this technique.

Maybe someone will not be satisfied with such an answer, because every person is looking for specifics. Let's talk about why this happens. For example, let's take a motor available from the owner. It can be diesel and gasoline with air or water cooling. These technical characteristics must be taken into account, since the entire design of the homemade product will depend on it. A fan will have to be placed in front of the air-cooled motor. The water cooling system is complex and has a completely different design.

Advice! When making a tractor with your own hands, try to find an air-cooled motor. It is easier to assemble a homemade product with him.

If it is decided to assemble a home-made tractor from a walk-behind tractor, then the engine, wheelset and gearbox remain relatives. All you have to do is weld the frame and add another axle for the wheels. When reworking a walk-behind tractor, the native wheelset is the leading one. It can be located at the back or front. It all depends on which part of the frame the motor will stand on.

Regardless of the spare parts available, you need to start assembling a homemade tractor with drawing up a drawing. With an accurate diagram at hand, you will be guided by what and where to put. An example of a drawing of a tractor with the layout of all units is suggested to look at the photo

They begin to fold the tractor with their own hands with the manufacture of the frame. Regardless of the available motor, even if you are remaking a walk-behind tractor, the structure is made of two types:

Advice! The one-piece frame is easier to manufacture, but in terms of maneuverability, such a tractor will give way to breaking.

A frame of any type is welded from a channel. A profile pipe is used for the lintels. Metal corners of different sizes are useful, as well as sheet steel with a thickness of 5-10 mm.

The video provides an overview of a homemade tractor:

Spare parts for tractor assembly

So, we continue to consider how to make a homemade tractor, and now it's time to choose spare parts:

  • We have already talked about the motor, but let's stop again. For a tractor, it is advisable to find an engine with a capacity of about 40 horsepower so that the equipment can cope with any tasks. In general, craftsmen install everything that is on the farm: a motor from a Moskvich, a motorcycle, a power plant, etc. If a walk-behind tractor is remade, then the problem with the motor disappears. It is reasonable to convert a walk-behind tractor to a tractor if its power is more than 6 horsepower. Otherwise, the homemade product will turn out to be weak, and there will be little help from it on the farm. In addition to power, it is important to consider the operating speed of the engine. Speed ​​is not an important parameter. The motor must pick up a lot of torque at low speeds. Diesel engines have these characteristics.
  • When reworking the walk-behind tractor, the checkpoint remains native. For another engine, the gearbox will have to be selected from a different technique. Best of all, this unit fits from a GAZ-51 or 53 car. There is a lot of work to be done to rework the clutch basket so that it fits on the mount to the existing engine.
  • It will not hurt to install the PTO on the tractor with your own hands. Then a homemade product with hydraulics will significantly expand its functionality through the use of attachments.
  • Wheelsets are commonly used from passenger cars. The rear axle is also taken from there. If the axle shafts are too long, then they are shortened. When reworking the walk-behind tractor, the drive wheelset remains native. If the engine from the walk-behind tractor is placed on the rear of the frame, then the track width is increased for the stability of the tractor. On a homemade tractor, the front beam is ideal from a loader. You can simply make the balance beam yourself on one hinge in the center.
  • Steering is best found from a passenger car. When reworking the MTZ walk-behind tractor, a three-wheeled tractor is sometimes assembled. In this case, the front wheel together with the steering is removed from the motorcycle. But the motorcycle handles or handles native to the walk-behind tractor are inconvenient to operate while reversing. Here it is better to give preference to the traditional round-shaped steering wheel.
  • Another important unit is the towing mechanism. It is welded onto the tractor with your own hands to the back of the frame. The cart will be hooked up here.
  • The brake system when reworking the walk-behind tractor is used native. In another case, she is also removed from other equipment. Do the same with the fuel tank.

After installing all the components, the casing is hung on the tractor, the seat is placed, the headlights are attached, and the electrical wiring is laid.

Manufacturing of a cab for the MTZ tractor

The tractor can be used without a cab in summer, but the comfort of work is greatly deteriorating, and with the onset of autumn, in general, it will not be possible to drive the equipment. A self-made cab is made for a tractor from sheet steel. First you need to draw up a drawing. Let's take the cab from the MTZ tractor as a basis. The photo shows a diagram of the fragments of the structure. On it you can assemble a cab for your tractor.

The process of manufacturing a cabin for MTZ consists of the following steps:

  • If you are not satisfied with the dimensions in the drawing, you can change them. During independent calculations, the front sight glasses are always taken as a basis. The roof is made at least 25 cm higher than the height of the driver sitting behind the wheel.
  • The first to collect the frame from a wooden bar. All elements are connected with self-tapping screws.
  • Further, on the outer body of the wooden frame, they begin to build the skeleton of the future MTZ tractor cab. To do this, fit the metal pipe to the dimensions of the wooden elements. The connection is made by welding. After checking the parallelism and evenness of all joints, the corners of the structure are closed with a profile.
  • The finished skeleton of the MTZ cab is placed with the roof on the ground, after which the bases for the viewing glasses are welded from the inside.
  • Fragments for the roof of the MTZ cab are cut with a grinder from sheet steel 1 mm thick. It is welded to lengthwise cut pieces of pipe with a diameter of 100 mm. Further, this entire roof structure is attached to a common cab frame. The wings and the floor need to be made stronger. Here, 2 mm sheet steel is better suited.
  • The door frame is welded from a profile pipe. It is important not to forget to install gas lifts. Given the location of the side windows, the angle of the central and rear pillars is selected, after which the crossbars are welded.
  • The end of the work is the installation of glass. The inner lining of the cab is usually made of foam rubber, and leatherette is pulled on top.

On this, the homemade cabin is ready. Now it remains to attach it to the tractor. The outside of the cab must be painted. In addition to its aesthetic appearance, the paint will protect the metal from corrosion.

The video shows a homemade cab for the MTZ tractor:

Assembling equipment at home is difficult. It takes a lot of knowledge, as well as the ability to perform welding and turning work.

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