Inexpensive and practical do-it-yourself smokehouse in the country

Many of us like smoked bacon, meat and fish. But such products are often offered of dubious quality or at seriously overpriced. An alternative to buying smoked meats is only independent production, for which we will need a smokehouse in the country.

Today we will give you many ideas for building an inexpensive smokehouse in the country with your own hands. Now it will not be necessary to rack one's brains for a long time, look for materials and hire craftsmen for the construction, it is enough to use our ideas and turn them into reality.

What to choose a smokehouse

In fact, there are many interesting options. We will consider some of them now, but do not blame them, because their list will not contain electric smoke houses or made to order from forging or expensive stone ... today we have a slightly different topic, which is aimed at the process of constructing the structure independently, without any special investment.

We suggest you pay attention to several interesting, but at the same time simple options. Each of them is within the power of each of us, and what is most positive, the work can be completed in just a few days, and this is the maximum. Also, the original version of smoking is waiting for you even if there is no smokehouse in the country, but it is very necessary to prepare a treat.

When choosing a smokehouse for summer cottage, be sure to consider its characteristics and features, especially pay attention to cold and hot smoking. When choosing the installation location, determine the prevailing winds, because you definitely do not need puffs of smoke in the yard or in the country house.

Smokehouse on a slope

A smokehouse on a slope, a hill, near a yar or a small ravine, and even near the drainage of a summer cottage - all this is a single building, which will be very convenient for smoking a variety of products.

Such a smokehouse can be made from a wide variety of building materials, but many choose wood, as some types of wood can add a special flavor to the products. Moreover, there will be no worries about drying out or fires, since in this way we organize cold smoking with a very low temperature of the incoming smoke.

We suggest that you carefully study our proposed option in the picture, and immediately figure out what's what.

As you can see, the organization of such a structure is very simple, and therefore, it will not be difficult to build it. The only mandatory requirement is the location, because the smokehouse must be installed on a certain slope.

So, first of all, we need to build a chimney. You can dig a mine under it in different ways, but we choose the simplest and most reliable one. Firstly, we will need to dig a ditch with a width of 30 cm and a depth of 50-60 cm. It can be deeper, but it is very painful, because digging a narrow and deep ditch is quite difficult. The length of the moat should be at least one and a half meters from the location of the fire to the place of installation of the smokehouse. Further, in the ditch we lay a pipe with a diameter of about 15-20 cm, and carry it from the fire to the entrance to the smokehouse. In some cases, the chimney is concreted, asbestos-cement pipes are laid, the shaft is made of wood, but we believe that it will be most practical to lay the pipe, weld it or simply fasten it at the bend and bring it to the structure. Fast, very reliable and durable.

Having finished the mine, we proceed to the device of the furnace. This is not difficult, because for its installation it will be necessary to weld a box of metal or lay it out of brick. In general, we will need to build a 40x40x40 cm cube, which we attach to the pipe on one side and install a valve on it to create traction on the other.

The device of the smoking chamber is the simplest, because we only need to install a camera shot down from a tree above the chimney and try to make it quite airtight. Next, arrange everything for hanging or stacking products for smoking (hooks and grills), install a smoke gate and a special door or removable panel for laying and taking products. By and large, that's all !!! You can look for a good recipe and try to smoke meat or fish.

Stationary smokehouse

Not to say that the stationary structure will take more time, but the costs will increase slightly, as it will be a more aesthetic construction.

We will build it on a simple foundation of brick, the facades of which in the future can be finished decoratively. We will supply the chimney from an asbestos-cement pipe or a metal pipe, we will build a furnace at a certain distance from the smoking chamber.

The principle of operation is the same as in the previous case, but for such a smokehouse in the country, you do not need to look for a special place, you can equip it exactly where you are comfortable.

Work begins with the foundation device for the smoking chamber. It is advisable to fill not with tape, but with a common layer, making at the same time a platform, and not just a foundation under the walls. It will be enough to make a sand and gravel cushion and pour the foundation to a depth of 30-40 cm, with reinforcement with wire, metal rods and pieces of reinforcement that will no longer be useful in the country.

During the construction of the foundation, or rather, the pit under it, it will be necessary to immediately make a branch - a trench under the chimney, and dig it at a distance of at least 1.2-1.5 m from the smoking chamber.

From the side of the firebox in the foundation, it will be necessary to immediately make a shaft under the chimney. This can be a pipe laid in the ground, and a brick box, for which you need a trench.

While the foundation is established, you can do the chimney and the furnace. To do this, we lay a pipe or build a brick shaft, as we said, we stretch the chimney to the required distance from the chamber and begin to build a furnace. This can be a metal box, which will be hermetically connected to the chimney, or a box of refractory bricks with a special valve.

When these works are completed and the foundation is established, it is possible to begin the brickwork of the walls of the smoking chamber. The masonry can be for every taste, for example, in half a brick, with ledges for the internal organization of shelves and external decor. But the most important thing is to install transverse metal rods during masonry for hanging products on hooks.

Such a structure should be equipped with a special cover, which can be a wooden frame with a burlap stretched, which will need to be moistened during smoking.

In addition, it can be a brazier with a smokehouse for giving, because on the top of a brick box (smoking chamber), you can always install a decorative brazier made of metal (removable).

The design can always be maximally simplified if, for example, you don’t fill the foundation and build a brick camera, but choose concrete columns and an old metal barrel as an alternative for these two structural elements.

If you want to get away from simplicity and move on to more expensive buildings, then in the next figure you can consider how to build a smokehouse in the country house thoroughly, beautifully and practically. This is a large volume, and, accordingly, a huge supply of products for smoking.

In fact, the principle of operation does not change anything, only the durability of the building and its quality change, because now it is a real detached building that will help not only seriously set the table for any reason, but also make money. Here you can independently regulate whether you need cold or hot smoking, for example, simply by organizing two fire chambers at once next to the smoking chamber, and using them alternately.

The simplest smokehouse for hot smoking

Faster, more aromatic, but also more harmful ... but if you cook high-quality products according to original recipes, it may be possible to avoid a high level of harmfulness of the product. In general, we make a smokehouse, for which we do not need any major work.

So, you can already see what a similar installation for smoking fish and meat looks like - a standard smokehouse, which can be purchased at any specialized store. But since we agreed not to enrich entrepreneurs, but to do everything ourselves, we begin the review.

The smokehouse for a summer residence begins from the place where we install it. It is advisable to choose a place away from home, so as not to get a lot of different smells in the interior. The site must be selected on a small hill, and also equip it with a metal sheet, on which the fire will burn. On both sides of our peculiar roasting pan we make the base for installation - we lay brick or concrete columns. On top of them we install a metal box with shelves and a pallet, a special lid or a side valve. Through this cover, we can lay the products inside and pick them up when ready. The pallet is necessary for sawdust, which, when heated by a bonfire through a metal box, will emit a specific aromatic smoke and smoke meat and fish.

In principle, nothing more is needed, the installation for smoking at home is ready. Oh yes, just lay food and light a fire under the smoke chamber.

Such a smokehouse, if it is made in a small size, can become a companion for any outings. Imagine only fishing and the simultaneous smoking of fish on the banks of the river ...

How to smoke without a smokehouse

Everyone understands how to smoke in a smokehouse, but how to do it in the field or in the event that a dinner with refreshments is planned, but the necessary construction is not in the country or at a picnic? We have several original answers to these questions and really hope that you will not only like them, but also come in handy in life.

You will have to forget about how to smoke in the smokehouse for a while, because in this case the rules of the game change a little.

Free smokehouse in the country

We suggest that you consider an option that you yourself recently saw. It will require a minimum of strength from you, because this can be built in a few hours. An example is the standard version for cold smoking, where the role of the smoking chamber is played by an old refrigerator. But, in view of the fact that plastic and other filling of the refrigerator can give fish and meat not only an unpleasant aftertaste, but also some toxic substances, we propose to consider the option only as an example, and, say, replace the refrigerator with a solid wooden box or barrel.

Fast smokehouse on the grill

Our minds are full of ideas, and only therefore, as a next example for the quick production of smoked meats, we have a new design - a smokehouse on the grill. Yes, we have not seen this either before, but now we know for sure how to quickly smoke fish, lard or poultry before the guests arrive. It is only necessary to take a piece of pipe or an old metal barrel, put it on its side on the grill, install the grill inside, put products for smoking, pour on the bottom of sawdust (for smoking), close the barrel or pipe for maximum tightness and light a fire in the brazier.

Field smoking

You went out into the countryside, on a picnic, hunting or fishing, but there wasn’t a smokehouse for catch or game nearby? It does not matter, because you can always organize smoking in nature without spending a dime. To do this, you will need stones or logs to create something like a firebox, put firewood there and burn a large amount of coal. Next, cover the whole thing with branches (preferably fresh so that they do not ignite), green grass (you can sprinkle with herbs and spices), and lay the food on top. Now, it remains only to pour the sawdust onto the coals and turn over the products, which will languish in the hot fragrant smoke.

But there is another cool way - smoking in the fresh air, which is used by many hunters. This method makes it possible not only to smoked, but also to sizzle almost any product to increase its shelf life.

You will need to create a small room between adjacent trees. You can make it with the help of bedspreads, tarpaulins, or even densely paved branches with foliage. Inside the room you will need to light a fire and do everything according to the recipe - coals, some moisture, sawdust, maximum tightness. The smoking process can take several days, but if you went on a long vacation, time will not be a problem for you ... just keep an eye on the heat and throw sawdust to produce smoke, turn the product over or remove the smoked meats and hang up a new product.

Smokehouse in the country (video)

We believe that today we have completely dealt with the issue of organizing a smokehouse on a summer cottage with our own hands or even not in nature, where there are no conditions. We will be very happy if this topic is useful to you and you will use it.